Coconut cake vape recipe

Coconut cake vape recipe

First time I heard about vaping a dessert—a unique twist in culinary and sensory adventure, it seemed like some kind of magic had happened. Today, I am just so excited to share this: The Coconut Cake Vape Recipe—where the pleasure of baking meets the art of vaping. It is not a guide for vapers alone but also for those who love desserts and are ready to try something new.
A favorite tropical-flavored dessert that’s known for being fluffy is a great model for an e-liquid vape. This recipe does not intend to make an edible cake but instead uses vape juice to incorporate all the creamy richness and coconut flavor typically found in the classic cake dessert. Your taste buds will be transported on a sight journey that makes you enjoy coconut cake without having to eat any calories – which is so nice!

It sounds unusual at first, but making e-juices that taste like desserts has been an outlet for many. It provides an opportunity to savor your favorite treats with various edgy notes from vaping. We can come up with a coconut cake flavored as much as possible close enough to inhaling the actual dessert by carefully selecting ingredients and following precise instructions.

Why choose coconut cake? Coconut is one of those flavors that can blend well with others such as vanilla, almond or even cream (common components of e-juice). This sweetly exotic taste makes it popular among people who love desserts thus assuring you that your creation will be remarkable and yummy.

From here we shall delve into discussions on what ingredients are needed, step-by-step guides for making this liquid, different versions you could try out, how best to serve it and lastly why this amazing vaporizing desert food such as cakes made from coconut can be part of your vape collection; if not already! Whether you have been vaping long enough or love cooking so much there are numerous things left untried, this manual guarantees satisfaction by combining both.

coconut cake vape recipe

Recipe by Sandra J

To create the coconut cake vape juice, you will need:


  • Propylene Glycol (PG)

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

  • Coconut flavor concentrate

  • Vanilla extract or flavor concentrate

  • Cream flavor concentrate

  • Sweetener (optional, to taste)

  • Nicotine solution (optional, depending on preference)


  • Prepare Your Workspace: Ensure that your workspace is clean and well-organized. Have all ingredients and tools within easy reach.
  • Measure Base Liquids: Start by measuring out the PG and VG. For a balanced throat hit and cloud production, a 70/30 VG/PG ratio works well
  • Add Flavor Concentrates: Incorporate the coconut, vanilla, and cream flavor concentrates. A good starting point is 15% of your total mixture for flavor concentrates, adjusting based on taste.
  • Mix Thoroughly: Once all ingredients are combined, shake the mixture vigorously for several minutes to ensure everything is evenly blended.
  • Steep Your Juice: Allow the juice to steep for at least a week in a cool, dark place. This aging process helps the flavors to meld together and intensify.
  • Test and Adjust: After steeping, test your vape juice. Adjust the sweetness or intensity of flavors by adding more concentrates or sweetener as needed.

Variations and Toppings for coconut cake vape recipe

Just as baking the actual cake itself, turning your coconut cake vape liquid into a signature blend can be equally artistic. Here are some delightful variations and “toppings” you can add to enhance or alter the flavor profile:

  • Chocolate Swirl: With few drops of chocolate flavor concentrate, add that richness and velvetiness to your vape juice.
  • Almond Touch: Coconut complements almond with its mild nutty depth.
  • Tropical Fusion: To elevate the natural flavors of coconut, mix in pineapple or mango concentrates for some tropical twist.
  • Minty Freshness: Each inhale will smell like fresh bite of dessert after this moderate taste of mint lingers on.
  • Caramel Drizzle: For those who love their sweets extra decadent, a caramel flavor concentrate can add a luxurious, buttery finish.

These options may be combined according to personal choice so that one is able to get different senses from each puff—while at it they would also try other aspects of the conventional coconut cake.

Serving Suggestions

When vaping dessert flavors, setting the scene can enhance the overall experience. Here are some ideal serving suggestions:

  1. Pair with a Hot Beverage: Enjoy your coconut cake vape with a hot cup of coffee or tea. The warmth of the beverage complements the sweet, creamy vape, mimicking a true dessert experience.
  2. Post-Dinner Vape: Perfect after a meal, use it to satisfy your sweet tooth without the heaviness of a traditional dessert.
  3. Relaxing Atmosphere: Create a relaxing environment with soft music and comfortable seating to enjoy your vaping experience fully.


Vaping coconut cake flavor is more than just a novelty; it’s a delightful fusion of taste and aroma that offers dessert lovers a new way to indulge. Through this guide, we’ve explored how to craft this unique vape juice, tailor it with various flavor combinations, and serve it in the most enjoyable ways. Whether you’re a vaper looking to expand your flavor horizon or a dessert aficionado curious about new experiences, coconut cake vape juice offers a rich, immersive experience that satisfies your dessert cravings in every puff.

Embrace the joy of dessert vaping and let your senses revel in the sweet, creamy, and tropical flavors of coconut cake. Happy vaping!

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